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  • Valves

Solenoid & Pneumatic
Automatic & Flow Control
Fieldbus & Multipole

​Solenoid, Pneumatic and Mechanical Valves

Control elements represent the core of a pneumatic circuit in which precision and reliability can make the difference. Valves, mechanical and solenoid valves are used to drive pneumatic actuators and, more generally, the drive of compressed air circuits.

Solenoid and Pneumatic Valves

  • Series EN - Flat surface mount, Space saving, Low power
  • Series 3 - Compact robustness, performance, flexbility
  • Series 4 - Robust construction, High flow up to 4000 Nl/min
  • Series 7 - ISO 15407-1 Standard valves
  • Series 8 - Compact, Low power, Oxygen compatible
  • Series 9 - ISO 5599/1 Standard valves
  • Series NA - NAMUR Standard valves
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Manual and Mechanical Valves

  • Series 1 and 3 - Mechanically operated mini-valves
  • Series 2 - Mechanically operated (console) mini-valves
  • Series 3 and 4 - Mechanically operated sensor valves
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Process Control Solenoid Valves

For the complete range of brass and stainless steel solenoid valves that are available, please download the catalogues below. We offer the Camozzi CFB and Aignep Fluidity ranges. 

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​Automatic & Flow Control Valves

All models are constructed with the pressure window incorporated, which allows an easy detection of any problems. Moreover the fittings are incorporated into the valve body and are super-rapid 

Logic and Automatic Valves

  • AND/OR valves
  • YES/NOT valves
  • Non-return valves
  • Quick exhaust valves
  • Adjustable over-pressure exhaust valve
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Flow Control Valves 

  • Unidirectional flow controllers
  • Bidirectional flow controllers
  • Silenced exhaust controllers
  • PSCU, PMCU, PSVU, PMVU, PSCO, PMCO flow control valves
  • TMCU, TMVU, TMCO flow control valves
  • GSCU, GMCU, GSVU, GMVU, GSCO, GMCO flow control valves
  • RFU and RFO flow control valves
  • Series 28 flow control valves
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Needle Valves

  • Integral Bonnet
  • Union Bonnet
  • High Pressure Bar Stock
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Ball Valves

Instrumentation & high pressure applications (Stainless Steel and Brass):
  • Swing Out
  • Plug valves
  • DIN standard
  • Trunnion & Floating
  • High pressure ball valves for general service
  • Forged high pressure
  • Cryogenic Valve
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Pneumatic and low pressure applications:
  • Nickle-plated Brass
  • Stainless Steel
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Check Valves

700, 700H, 701, 700A Series Check Valves 

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Relief Valves

  • Low pressure relief valve RV1 series 
  • High pressure relief valve RV2 series 
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​Fieldbus and Multipole Systems

The aim that Camozzi pursues is to guarantee flexibility and reliability of its components and solutions, through the constant development of valve islands conceived to satisfy all needs in terms of flow rates, dimensions and performance, both in the multipole and serial versions.

Valve Islands

Control elements represent the core of a pneumatic circuit and have a huge impact on precision and reliability.


Camozzi guarantees the highest levels of quality and efficiency in pneumatic circuits, with a comprehensive range of valve islands, available in different sizes and with different flows to meet the needs of every sector.

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