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  • Actuation & Vacuum

Pneumatic Actuation
Electric Actuation
Handling & Vacuum


Pneumatic and electric solutions for optimal performance in both linear and rotary motion.

Pneumatic Actuation

Pneumatic actuation consists of different product families, both for applications that require linear movements, and for those that require rotary movements.
  • Mini cylinders
  • Aluminium profile ISO 15552
  • Compact cylinders ISO 21287
  • Stainless Steel cylinders ISO 15552
  • Twin cylinders
  • Rodless cylinders
  • Rotary actuators
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    Electrical Actuation

    Electric actuation, next to traditional pneumatic actuation and to proportional technology, completes Camozzi Automation’s offer in the creation of applications that satisfy the needs of the different industrial sectors.

    • Electro-mechanical cylinders 
    • Electro-mechanical axis
    • Drives for the control of electric actuation
    • Motors for electric actuation
    • Planetary gearboxes
    • Motion transmission devices
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      ​Handling & Vacuum

      All our grippers are optimised in terms of weight and dimensions, to facilitate the connection to more or less complex handling systems, from simple gantry to robotic arms.

      For more fragile or large items, there are ejectors, filters, suction pads and accessories in our range for handling with vacuum. 


      • Angular grippers 
      • 180 degree angular grippers
      • Parallel grippers 
      • Self-centering parallel grippers 
      • Wide opening parallel  grippers 
      • 3-finger centric grippers 
      • Sprue grippers - Size 20mm
      • Sprue grippers - Size 8, 12mm 
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        Vacuum System Components

        • Flat suction pads (round, oval)
        • Bellows suction pads (1.5 & 2.5 folds)
        • Basic Ejectors
        • Inline Ejectors
        • Compact Ejectors
        • Spring Plungers 
        • Inline vacuum filters
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