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  • Electric Actuation

    We promote a multi-technology approach to industrial automation. 

    Our electric actuation range provides innovative solutions for applications across multiple industries. 

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  • Proportional Technology

    Mechatronic solutions with integrated sensors and diagnostic systems.

    Control of actuation and management of different types of fluids.

    Analyse information on the operating parameters of the system.

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  • Air Treatment

    Advanced pneumatics requires clean and oil-free compressed air...

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  • Fittings

    Experience and quality ensure the safest connection for a wide-range of applications.

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Camozzi Cylinder, Electric, Actuator, Gripper
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Flexibility and precision

Camozzi offers a complete range of actuators that includes mini-cylinders and ISO profile cylinders.               

Innovative options include compact cylinders, stainless steel construction guided cylinders, rodless cylinders, rotary actuators, products integrated with position transducers and various products for handling.

We also offer a growing range of Electric Actuation solutions. solutions.

Completing the range are sensors, guides, brakes, rodlocks, shock absorbers, accessories for fixing and all the tools you need to optimise a pneumatic circuit.

Camozzi Solenoid, Valve, Proportional, Flow Control, Silencer
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Innovative Technology

We offer true IIoT capabilities, with predictive maintenance and diagnostics built-in! 

Proportional technology gives you pneumatic power with digital control.

Control elements represent the core of a pneumatic circuit and have a huge impact on precision and reliability.

Camozzi guarantees the highest levels of quality and efficiency in pneumatic circuits, with a comprehensive range of pneumatic valves, solenoid valves and valve islands, available in different sizes and with different flows to meet the needs of every sector. For demanding applications that require increased accuracy, faster response and optimisation of control, Camozzi has developed a series of products with proportional technology for pressure, position and flow control. 

Camozzi Filter, Regulator, Lubricator, Gauge
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Reliability and high performance

Often the efficiency of a pneumatic system is highly dependent on the cleanliness of the air that enables movement. 

To meet this need, Camozzi offers a full range of modular FRL units, including filters with different filtering levels, with activated carbon, coalescing filters, regulators, lubricators, interception valves and soft start valves. These modules can be provided as pre-built assemblies, complete with any required accessories.

Our proportional regulator can also be assembled directly onto a FRL manifold.

Camozzi Fitting, Quick Coupler, Adaptor
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Experience and quality

The standard range includes rapid, super rapid and universal fittings, together with accessories and quick-release couplings made in brass, technopolymer and stainless steel.

We offer specialised fittings for Transport, Misting and Fibre optic applications.

Vacuum components complete Camozzi’s product portfolio, ideal for applications where automated movement requires quality products, guaranteeing perfect tightening over time. 



We stock a large range of fittings for various hydraulic and pneumatic applications. 

With our vast industry experience, we are here to help you select the right connections to ensure your systems stay reliable.

  • Push-in



Quick Couplers


Rotary Joints

Tubing & Accessories

Please contact us should you require a comprehensive and accurate quotation for any of our products or services.

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